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Few are as persuasive and confident in the pop-country realm as Kassandra Clack, whose career to date is distinguished by obstacles spun into opportunities. Hit with COVID? Clack writes a killer song about it. Needs cash to cut a single? Clack hawks homemade cinnamon buns from the trunk of her car. (Really). With the arrival of her dazzling debut Trippin’ In Heels, the B.C.-based singer-songwriter and pianist delivers six richly detailed, wildly accessible originals to build on an impressive fan base nurtured through satellite radio support across North America. Much touring will follow. “This album represents stepping into the best version of myself,” says the charismatic Clack, also an actor. “There is so much pressure in this life, and it’s short. I hope with this album, other people are inspired to feel this way, too.” Only a fool would bet against it.

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